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Closed Cell Spray Foam

Danner Spray Foam, based in Syracuse, is Nebraska’s source for closed cell spray foam insulation. This high-quality material is denser than open cell insulation with a better R-value — often 6.0 per inch or higher. Furthermore, it becomes almost solid when the material is fully cured. 
Closed cell spray foam has a rigid structure and durability that makes it ideal for a number of applications. These range from tight spaces with challenging areas for airflow prevention to the exposed walls of a pole barn. Furthermore, when used in agricultural buildings or garages it won’t easily be damaged if it is bumped by machinery or tools.  
Closed-cell spray foam insulation is best installed by a qualified professional who can ensure it is applied at the right temperature, that air leakage is sufficiently blocked, and that the layers of foam won’t contract upon drying. Call us today for an estimate. 

Save money on energy bills, increase comfort

Because it does a superior job sealing drafts and unwanted airflow, closed cell spray foam is a top choice to keep temperatures inside a building as stable as possible — cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. It also prevents drafts and air leaks that waste energy and make your building inefficient. 

Stable temperatures mean that property owners save on energy bills and stop watching money spent on heating and cooling literally disappear through unsealed areas of the building. Furthermore, a properly sealed building is more comfortable, and anything stored in it can be maintained in their best condition because of consistent temperatures.

Areas of use

Closed cell spray foam can be used for a number of types of buildings ranging from residential to commercial and agricultural. It can keep families more comfortable, store equipment and other items safely, provide well-cared for office environments, and keep livestock safe and sheltered. Below are a list of building-types where closed cell spray foam has been successfully applied:


• Homes
• Garages
• Small office buildings
• Larger office buildings/commercial structures
• Traditional barns and pole barns
• Outbuildings
• Grain bins
• Other storage areas


If a building you are needing to insulate is not on this list, it may still be a strong candidate for closed cell spray foam insulation use. Call today to talk about your building’s needs.

Preventing mold and moisture damage

Closed cell spray foam insulation has another top benefit: it prevents mold and moisture damage. Worried about moisture getting into areas by a roof or at the top of a building? Closed cell spray foam can cover that. Worried about areas in the seams of the building or close to the ground or foundation? It can cover that too. 


Preventing mold and moisture buildup is one of the most important things that a property owner can do to care for their building. This is because water seepage and associated mold can negatively impact a resident’s health or weaken a building’s structural integrity. 
Once closed cell spray foam insulation is cured, it doesn’t generally allow for any moisture penetration. It is strong and dry, with coverage that fills in gaps where water would usually find its way to a building. It is also dense enough to repel any moisture that may come in contact with it.